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Our Program Consists Of The Following Key Features
Personalized Service

Credit repair cannot be a “one size fits all” solution. Your credit report is a reflection of your unique situation. A trustworthy company will address you individually, and will provide an Account Manager to you who will be there with you through the entire process.


Defined timeline and cost: Ambiguity seems to be a standard in this industry and opens you up to being taken advantage of. Be sure to receive a written commitment to the amount of time and money the company is requesting and what level of progress you should expect.

Targeted Disputes

The dispute process is a major tool in addressing negative items on the credit report, but it must be done correctly. Only inaccurate or illegally documented information may be disputed; and it should only be disputed when it has the potential to benefit your credit.

The Program

It is a finely tuned logistical masterpiece.
Everything is built around your goals, timeline, and finances.

The latest studies show that 43% of Americans are in the same position you are: their credit report says they are too big of a risk to lenders to be allowed to buy a home. Many of these hard working Americans are not risky investments at all – they have inaccurate or old information on their reports or they have easily corrected negative items that are reducing their credit score and preventing their ability to get a mortgage. How do you know how much a collector is willing to discount a debt in order to settle it? How do you make sure you don’t renew the statute of limitations and prolong a collection’s effect on your credit? And what do you do if your credit score is preventing you from opening new, positive accounts that would help your credit? We are here with you every step of the way.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    We guarantee success in our program.

  • Reach Their Credit Goal

    Looking to purchase a new home? That happens to be our specialty.

  • Leave Financially Equipped

    Every client leaves in a better state then when they began the program.

  • Positive Feedback

    Our clients love us, and its obvious why.


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