Success through Analytics

The Credit1Source technology suite allows for detailed reporting and analytics of the behavioral and credit-related data that Credit1Source collects and uses to successfully build and repair your clients’ credit. We provide real-time reporting of the statistics you most often reference: client volume, client statuses, conversion rates, predictive models of client readiness, and others. We also present analytics that allow insight into your clientele and the continuous improvement of their credit-readiness process: metrics such as average score submitted, client responses, and timelines associated with different data classifications, trends in client responses, triggers for client actions, and other information that increases the successful conversion of leads to buyers and shortens their timeline to closing by allowing you to better predict and track their readiness to buy.

Credit Improvement from Data

Credit1Source boasts over 20 years of experience in the credit industry and over 15 in the mortgage industry. Our experience in credit analysis and knowledge of mortgage underwriting guidelines and procedures is especially potent when fine-tuned and targeted by our data analysis capabilities and applied by our excellent team that excels in creating client engagement. Credit1Source’s unique process for improving credit profiles to meet underwriting standards applies consumer and financial data combined with current credit counseling techniques to determine predictable outcomes.

Our knowledge, experience, excellence in client services, and data analysis enables our dispute process to be more effective than others’; however, our toolbox is not limited to only disputes. Because our approach is comprehensive – removing Account in Dispute statuses, addressing incorrect and negative information, establishing new positive information, negotiating beneficial settlements, reducing debt-to-income ratios, and more – Credit1Source is able to achieve industry-leading success.

For Clients who enroll with a 640 target score:

  • Within 40 points: 80% success rate in typically 3 months
  • Within 60 points: 50% success rate in typically 5 months
  • Within 85 points: 10% success rate in typically 6 months


Your customer pipeline carries your lifeblood; with as much effort as you put into filling it with prospects, you want to cover every angle that can maximize your ability to capture buyers and assist your management team in making effective inventory decisions. Your best strategic business partner is one that can help you build your pipeline, increase your ability to monitor it, and provide metrics and analytics that increase potential funding rates by predicting the clients’ actions.

Website technology

The technology suite we have developed is the skeleton that gives our company strength and performance to maintain excellent service and personalization while having the capability to handle clients across the country. This requires a robust infrastructure with the flexibility to cater to individual needs. We are continuing to develop this capability by including additional features, services, and reporting.