As a real estate agent, you spend every day trying to find buyers in a market where 43% of all potential clients cannot close a loan due to credit issues: having a trusted credit improvement solution is imperative! Credit1Source’s understanding of USDA, FHA, VA and Conventional underwriting guidelines and excellence in client services allow us toprovide the absolute best solution for increasing your market penetration, simplifying your efforts to help your clients, and building your customer pipeline. No one else in the market provides the level of service, expertise, and success that we do.

Why trust Credit1Source with your clients?

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Holistic Approach – educating the client, disputes, negotiating settlements, establishing new credit, adjusting DTI,and more
  • Free Evaluation – all the information and expectations are delivered up front and in writing!
  • Unmatched Customer Service – our commitment is to you and your clients
  • Technology Platform – allows you to track your clients’ progress in real time
  • Our Focus – accountability, transparency, education
  • Informed Planning and Decisions – extensive knowledge of lending and underwriting guidelines

How much commission are you losing each year over clients who fail to qualify for a mortgage due to their credit score? Instead of losing a client to credit, when you go above and beyond to refer a client to Credit1Source you gain a referral source that will bring additional business.

We understand your relationship with the client is of the utmost importance. We keep you updated throughout the process to help enable your efficient and effective engagement with the client and best ensure they return to you when they’re ready to buy their home.

Allow us to help develop your business – ask us about our involvement in Home buyer Workshops, targeted marketing, mailing campaigns, internet-driven lead generation tools, and more.